Powder Coating Applications

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Are there advantages to a two coat powder process? Yes, indeed. For most, it’s extra protection against the elements. Many powder manufacturers offer their own primer/topcoat systems for improved corrosion resistance.
Common primers are zinc rich, zinc free epoxy and epoxy e-coat. How do you know which one is right for your applications? Can you just powder coat without primer?
IntelliFinishing goes the extra mile to answer these questions for our customer’s when they purchase our Complete Automated Paint System. Your specific applications are addressed and analyzed with experts in the industry allowing us to provide you with the best options available. When you are looking for your next Powder Coat Paint System that is up to date with the latest technology and applications, give IntelliFinishing a call. We’re in the business to help customers finish parts efficiently and effectively.

Complete Powder Coating System for Manufacturers

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IntelliFinishing is proud to announce the installation of a complete powder coating system for JR Custom Metal Products in Wichita, KS! This system was designed with the flexibility for a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times. It includes an optional path to an automated in-line blast system; 4-stage process washer; clean room for powder coating; dual lane split-top cure oven and the ability to easily manage the conveyor, equipment, process and recipes from three centrally located HMI terminals. With our automated powder system and unique conveyor design, no time is wasted in non-value added areas. View the video of this highly flexible and functional powder coating system…and thenĀ request a tour.