Recipe Based Finishing System

With a Recipe-based system, carriers with dissimilar parts can run back to back and each can be treated differently based on the process data entered into the system as a “recipe”. There is no longer a need for batching your whole line with like parts to get quality.  When you enter commands or process instructions for each part family or group of characteristically like parts each time that “recipe” is selected at the loading point all of those like parts will receive the same process.  If you have a different carrier of parts, all the operator needs to do is select that recipe at the load area HMI screen. When that carrier gets to a process area, the system will automatically run the selected process for that part family.

In the Wash:

The recipe entered allows for different types of metals or parts with different pretreatment requirements to each have their own unique wash Recipe.  For example it is possible to remain longer in a section, skip a section, or bypass the whole wash.  If you have changes in your wash process due to extra dirty parts or changes in chemicals requiring your system timing to be different all you need to do is update the recipe.

In the coating application:

In the coating application area, displays show the process for each part coming through, where to apply the coating, which color, and any special instructions unique to those parts.  For applications with masking options, the work instructions show pictures of where to apply masking, caulking, or any other special procedures.

In the cure:

Thick parts and thin parts do not need to be run separately in a batch mode.  With a recipe based system, parts that have 20 minute cure time and parts that have a 40 minute cure time can be run on the line at the same time.  You will no longer over-bake your thin parts just to make sure that your thicker, longer curing parts get cured as desired.  Ovens can adjust temperature, air turns, and cure time depending on the parts loaded on the system.