IntelliFinishing recently attended and presented at the Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers Conference hosted by Caterpillar.  This conference was limited to Caterpillar’s preferred  equipment suppliers. IntelliFinishing is a preferred  provider of turnkey finishing systems around the globe.

IntelliFinishing was one of three suppliers who was asked to share information to the group about their collaboration efforts with Caterpillar.  Doug Oliphant, Vice President of IntelliFinishing, provided a presentation on IntelliFinishing’s energy study of an existing paint system.  “Unfortunately old paint systems are not like classic ’57 cars,” Doug stated. “At some point you are better off replacing with new technology that saves energy, reduces WIP, decreases downtime, and improves quality. Your cost per part will be lower and your total cost of ownership is less with an investment in a system that is re-deployable, expandable and energy efficient.”

The study by IntelliFinishing included automated paint system layout ideas to replace an existing system. The new layout would reduce floor space by 42% and decrease energy costs in the process equipment by over 50% compared to the traditional system currently installed.