Manufacturing companies can often be slow to adopt new technology. It’s not because they have doubts about the potential; it’s typically because of the disruption of implementation. This especially true when it comes to finishing systems. Manufacturers may feel literally “chained” to the traditional chain systems. Today, we’re joined by John Claman, Sales Rep and Marketing Supervisor of IntelliFinishing to talk about what opportunities manufacturers have with alternatives to chain systems.

John said, “At some point, manufacturers will begin to see the need to upgrade their finishing systems for better quality and better throughput. This creates the need for automation and new technology. But it doesn’t come without challenges.”

The monorail system for parts finishing goes back to the days of Henry Ford and is still used in many settings. The problem with these chain conveyors is that they are very limited. They only go in one direction and at a certain speed. There’s really no way to customize, leaving manufacturers often unable to innovate.

John shared, “With a monorail system, you are locked into one speed. So, let’s say a new paint becomes available that has a shorter cure time. It would be hard for a business to use the new paint because they don’t have any control over timing.”

IntelliFinishing has rewritten the book on manufacturing painting systems with their friction tube system. It doesn’t use chains but rather has aluminum tubes connected to trolleys. It offers much more flexibility. “No chains mean you can scale and change the conveyor system based on your needs. And one of the greatest benefits of the system are that it can greatly reduce energy costs associated with idle equipment and heat loss,” John said

The difference in the friction tube system is that it can move forward and backward as well as have adjustable timers. Further, the way that ovens are used for curing is improved because the whole system doesn’t go in the oven, just the product. “We recently assessed a system for a customer and found that our system could reduce heat loss by 18%,” John commented.

Find out more about the IntelliFinishing system and how it’s changing manufacturing painting processes by listening to the podcast.