09 Dec 2022

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Large Parts Shuttle Finishing System
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How IntelliFinishing Shuttle Systems Address Unique Manufacturing Challenges 

Automated shuttle finishing systems using IntelliFinishing’s unique friction tube conveyor can deliver considerable benefits to manufacturers with very specific needs that standard finishing systems can’t handle.  IntelliFinishing helped several companies recently solve their unique challenges in finishing by using friction tube shuttles within their total…

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Do you love your paint system? 

IntelliFinishing…more LEAN than a sugar-free box of chocolates Many manufacturers are implementing lean manufacturing practices into their workplaces and are gaining an advantage over their counterparts in the industry. Although traditional fixed conveyor systems have been one of the leading factors in lean management over…

New vs Old
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Old Technology. New Technology. 

Are you interested in purchasing new technology that can grow with your company and save you lots of money in unnecessary costs? We want to share with you a few of the advantages you can expect when replacing your traditional Power & Free or Monorail systems with the newest technology for Industrial paint system replacement.