Educational Seminar for Manufacturers


The Midwest Coating Seminar is an educational seminar for manufacturers, custom coaters and fabricators. It will be held at Tulsa’s Hard Rock Casino on Thursday, August 21, 2014. This seminar will be helpful for companies who have liquid or powder paint lines.

Powder Coating History and Future will be presented by Kevin Biller of Powder Coating Research Group, Technical Editor of Powder Coated Tough magazine and author of monthly column, “Ask Joe Powder”.

Powder coating technology will be introduced from a historical, market and technical perspective. Chemical types will be explained and positioned as to how their performance ranks per the general requirements of UV durability, chemical resistance and film mechanical properties.

The second half of the presentation will take you on a journey of where powder coating technology is emerging. Particular focus will be on how the evolution of non-traditional substrates are spawning new chemistries and processes to deliver powder coatings as a high performance finish. An overview of low temperature cure, UV cure and corresponding processes will be analyzed including how they fit into novel manufacturing techniques.

Following lunch (provided by your host, IntelliFinishing), Mike Dilday of FANUC America Corporation will present The Benefits of Robotic Paint and Powder Coating. This session will focus on the various types of robots typically used for paint and powder coating, and the benefits associated with using flexible robotic automation.  We will discuss why certain robots are used for different types of applications and how material savings, higher transfer efficiencies, labor savings, and warranty reductions can all lead to a healthy return on investment.  Case studies and application videos will also be presented.

The day will be wrapped up with an informal session led by “Ask Joe Powder”. Not everything we endeavor works to plan so Joe Powder will be available to field your questions, comments and perplexities regarding powder coating technology. Joe writes a column that has appeared in Finishing Today, Metal Finishing, IndiaPowderCoatings, Asia Paint and Coatings Journal and Powder Coated Tough publications. Joe will do his best to point you in the right direction to solve your coating issues. Bring all your queries and challenges for Joe.

August 6, 2014 is the registration deadline and you may register for the seminar, which is sponsored by IntelliFinishing by visiting or call 785-309-0356, ext 179 or ext 197.

IntelliFinishing is a provider of finishing systems to local equipment manufacturers and to companies like Raytheon and Caterpillar. IntelliFinishing is changing the mindset of finishing with controls and conveyance that move parts forward and backward, provides smart tracking, and simplifies the management of part variety with a recipe-based system.

IntelliFinishing presents at Caterpillar’s Suppliers Conference

IntelliFinishing recently attended and presented at the Manufacturing Equipment Suppliers Conference hosted by Caterpillar.  This conference was limited to Caterpillar’s preferred  equipment suppliers. IntelliFinishing is a preferred  provider of turnkey finishing systems around the globe.

IntelliFinishing was one of three suppliers who was asked to share information to the group about their collaboration efforts with Caterpillar.  Doug Oliphant, Vice President of IntelliFinishing, provided a presentation on IntelliFinishing’s energy study of an existing paint system.  “Unfortunately old paint systems are not like classic ’57 cars,” Doug stated. “At some point you are better off replacing with new technology that saves energy, reduces WIP, decreases downtime, and improves quality. Your cost per part will be lower and your total cost of ownership is less with an investment in a system that is re-deployable, expandable and energy efficient.”

The study by IntelliFinishing included automated paint system layout ideas to replace an existing system. The new layout would reduce floor space by 42% and decrease energy costs in the process equipment by over 50% compared to the traditional system currently installed.


Upcoming Trade Shows

Join us at these upcoming trade shows to view a live full-scale demonstration.

The Powder Coating Show • September 16-18 • Indianapolis, IN

FABTECH • November 11-13 • Atlanta, GA

Using Big Data To Track Your Parts

When it comes to capturing big data to track and market your future business, Konnection software allows you to use a variety of collected data from your plant floor to make decisions for your business. Imagine being able to use PLC, equipment, process and ERP/MRP data to see past trends and analyze root cause and energy use over your entire process.

Production data is key to making sure your system is efficient and profitable. Konnection software turns your data into easy to read graphs detailing the information you have in a reviewable database created by your real-time production. This allows you to monitor production like never before. Recognize trends, view your total number of jobs and carriers, maximize shift productivity and track unproductive aspects of your floor.

Process tracking allows your company to ensure quality of your work and provides your operators detailed work instructions, the ability to compare shift reports and closely monitor energy and resource usage. Ensure that your parts went through the finishing system in the same amount of time every time. Use our software to check coating times, or when carriers entered and exited the system. With this information you can answer questions about what’s happening at every point in your process. With Konnection software, you’ll know everything about the process — even down to if your operator held or released the carrier within the allotted time.


Production data is key to making sure your system is efficient and profitable. Konnection software turns your data into easy to read graphs detailing the information you have in a reviewable database created by your real-time production.

Tracking your parts is essential to making sure you are getting the most out of your process, and ultimately your business. With this level of system reporting, you can easily locate parts in the finishing system, and have their data accessible at a later date via serial numbers. An overview screen gives a visual representation of your stations and are color coded for quick detection for status review. You can see what is loaded on each carrier, where that carrier is in your system and then quickly export the selected data via spreadsheets or .csv files. Data can also be filtered by any field, allowing you to look at the production of a single part over a month or at all parts produced in a day.

Our Konnection software connects to your factory floor to your upper level software like SAP and your ERP seamlessly with the format of the data translated to read E-Net, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, ModBus, Serial and many more. The core of our software is SQL server that utilizes redundant servers, and is capable of using your existing hardware. This web-based software is visible from mobile devices and can even send text messages and alarms fault to the screens.

For more information on how you can maximize your plant floor, contact IntelliFinishing with your request for Konnection software.

Lean seminar hosted by IntelliFinishing is educational

Garyfrom TCA

Gary Conner from TCA

Lean was the focus of the Midwest Coatings Seminar on August 8th in Salina, Kansas. Gary Conner from Technical Change Associates shared many valuable stories from his experience implementing lean for his own company, as well as leading companies on their lean journey. Brad Muir, president of Technical Change Associates continued the discussion reviewing a variety of plant layouts.

The group of approximately fifty attendees from regional manufacturers learned that the implementation of lean is more than using the lean tools. Working with the diverse personalities of a team and listening to their concerns will help ensure a successful outcome and build a culture of continual improvement.

Brad shared before and after’s of plant floor layouts. One case study from a few years ago presented an impossible challenge for the manufacturer due to constraints on the finishing line. At the time, Brad concluded that the layout he desired was impossible because of the limitations of the conveyors. Upon learning more about IntelliFinishing, Brad and the IntelliFinishing team designed a couple of different layouts that would have worked for the manufacturer.

Dan Stutterheim, CEO of Kasa Companies followed up with a presentation on Eliminating Waste from Communication. David Underhill, IntelliFinishing Sales provided a presentation on Improving Production Line Gaps.



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