Want to find out if you’re a Top Shop in 2016?

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PF top shopsOur friends at CCAI (Chemical Coaters Association International) are offering you the chance to take a bench-marking survey to find out where your shop ranks in the Liquid Paint or Powder Coating industry for the year of 2016.

The Top Shops Zone of PF Online also contains a link to the survey. The companies who complete the survey will receive 3 reports: an Executive Summary, Plant Type and Plant Size. These reports will provide you with valuable data on the powder coating/liquid painting job shop market with bench-marking intelligence for future improvement.

As an added bonus, Products Finishing magazine will also recognize the top 50 shops in the US in an upcoming issue of PF. Please note: the survey is ONLY FOR liquid and powder coating operations in the US.

Chemical Coaters Association International is a valuable organization to be a part of. If you are not a member already, IntelliFinishing invites you to visit with them about becoming a member today! They provide the finishing industry with valuable educational opportunities and training. It also provides finishers with a forum to share their knowledge with other companies in the industry.

This survey MUST BE COMPLETED by June 1, 2016. If you have questions, please contact Tim Pennington, Editor, Products Finishing, at Tim.Pennington@PFonline.com. You must complete a substantial portion of the survey to receive the bench-marking reports.

We’ve Been Published in Products Finishing!

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2016 Products Finishing Directory Magazine has published our article “Choosing A Finishing System Conveyor“. We invite you to read and share it with anyone who can benefit from the information provided within the article. For more information on traditional finishing systems vs. IntelliFinishing complete finishing systems, please visit http://www.intellifinishing.com/vs-traditional.html or contact us for a tour. We are always excited to share the features of this amazing automated paint system for manufacturers.

Lean Series Part IV: Eliminate Waiting Waste in Your Paint Process

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Waiting waste defined:

The act of doing nothing or working slowly while waiting for a work cycle to be completed.

Standing idle or marking time waiting for instruction, materials or information results in waiting waste.

You pay for all of the time your employees spend waiting. This time is not adding value, therefore, your customers are not going to want to pay for it. Waiting time will come directly from your profit and every bit you can save will go right back into your profit. Frequently, waiting time is made up with overtime at a premium rate. While this is good for your employees, it is not so good for your profit.

What Causes Waiting Waste?

Waste begins long before production starts and is not just limited to production. Managers, buyers and operations personnel should also be part of the focus of waste elimination.

A few of the causes of waiting waste:

  • Unbalanced processes in flow (one process takes longer than the next)
  • Unreliable processes (maintenance, quality issues, information, change-overs, etc.)
  • Overproduction and Inventory (waiting for material to be delivered to the next process)

IntelliFinishing takes a lot of pride in the Lean capabilities that our complete paint system for manufacturers is able to provide for our customers. No matter the size of your system, we offer you choices to eliminate waste in almost every area of production.

Here are just a few of the areas that an IntelliFinishing paint system (liquid or powder coating) can eliminate waiting waste:

  • No production gaps or empty hooks (employees aren’t waiting for parts)
  • Minimal (1% or less) unscheduled downtime decreases cost of employees waiting for production to resume
  • Recipes (process can be pre-programmed for incoming parts)
  • ERP integration and product scheduling allows operators to load parts quickly
  • Eliminate bottlenecks with independently controlled zones

Empty hooks and production gaps can be eliminated when you purchase our system that includes state-of-the-art technology. Your labor costs may also be reduced by minimizing the production gaps in your system. If your current system has line gaps or time intervals between hooks or carriers creating costly waiting waste, we invite you to contact us to discuss the options our systems can provide for your production pains.

There are many ways an automated industrial finishing system with the latest technology can help to promote a healthy bottom line. Our expandable paint system for industrial manufacturers could be the paint system that you didn’t know you were looking for!

We’re at FEMA

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IntelliFinishing would love to see you in Florida this week. Stop by our table (#305) to visit with us about your finishing needs. Our complete automated systems for liquid coating or powder coating manufacturing facilities may be exactly what you never knew you needed!

This alternative to power and free system is chainless; friction-driven by a spinning tube. It is capable of moving in forward and reverse at any point in the system.

It’s energy efficiency has saved one of our customers 49% on costs! Energy efficient ovens and washers run only when parts are present and installation is quick because of the time saving modular design. They arrive at your facility ready to install.

Stop and see us at the show and let’s talk about what else you may not know you need in a finishing system for manufacturers.

The Secret Is Out

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After all this time of our customers wanting to keep the identity of their automated complete finishing systems, provided by IntelliFinishing to themselves…the secret is out!

Last week in Cheney, KS at Albers Finishing & Solutions, 200+ people had the unique opportunity to view this incredible system and learn all about its capabilities while attending our very first open house.


The IntelliFinishing team and Albers Finishing & Solutions came together and provided individual tours of this state of the art system, highlighting all of the features it offers for liquid finished parts. Each stage of the system from pretreatment to unload was visited and explained in detail for those on the tour.

Two more customers with systems being installed have expressed great interest in teaming up with IntelliFinishing to provide tours of their systems as well. If you missed this unique opportunity, it is not too late to schedule your own personal tour, or attend an open house in the future. We will keep you posted on upcoming events.





20160324_103845         20160324_125242

The response from our customers and potential customers of Albers Finishing & Solutions was incredible.

We can’t wait to build on these relationships and show more people the benefits that a complete automated finishing system (whether it be powder coating or liquid coating) provided by IntelliFinishing can bring to your production facility.

If you missed this opportunity and are interested in scheduling a personal tour or attending one of our future events, please contact us at info@intellifinishing.com or 785-309-0356.