Part II: Safety–Not an Afterthought

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Going beyond our technologically advanced components and space saving design, a large part of our job at IntelliFinishing is working with our customers to solve their problems and challenges. There are usually a few key hurdles that lead a customer to consider purchasing a system or renovating their existing setup. As part of a four part series, we will look at the specific challenges one of our recent customers faced, and the solutions provided by IntelliFinishing.

Another challenge at the top of our customer’s needs was creating a safe work environment. With their existing manual system, the physical demand on the operators of lifting and loading parts through the various processes was excessive. The existing system was also very loud and difficult to keep clean with the several open-faced paint booths used to coat their parts.

Again, IntelliFinishing was able to incorporate several pieces of equipment into the system that all worked together seamlessly for a safe, quiet, and productive paint line. The first step was adding a lowerator to assist the operators in racking parts. The lowerator takes a carrier from the height of the process equipment down directly to the parts. This makes loading much easier, especially on heavier parts, and prevents stretching or straining when loading or unloading.

To limit chemical exposure to the operators, a multi-stage automated washer was added to improve the efficiency of chemical use and provide controlled containment of the chemicals as well. By reducing the overall usage of the chemicals our customer also reduced their chemical emissions to the environment, which was an added benefit.

Other safety factors that were built into the design included laser area scanners that stopped the conveyor when personnel or fork trucks were present in specified “danger zones” and insulated process equipment and special ducting to keep noise levels significantly below the 75dB required. The noise reduction in the paint line led to over 25 employees being removed from our customer’s hearing conservation program. Like my father always said, “A great paint line should be seen, and not heard.”

Though I suppose he may have been talking about us children.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your paint operations safer, quieter, and more efficient.

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Part I: The Walls Are Closing In

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Part I of Solving Our Customer’s Challenges:  The Walls Are Closing In

Going beyond our technologically advanced components and space saving design, a large part of our job at IntelliFinishing is working with our customers to solve their problems and challenges. There are usually a few key hurdles that lead a customer to consider purchasing a system or renovating their existing setup. As part of a four part series, we will look at the specific challenges one of our recent customers faced, and the solutions provided by IntelliFinishing.

The first concern for our customer was how they were going to replace their existing manual paint shop with an automated, state-of-the-art IntelliFinishing system in the same space, which only measured 74 feet across and 55 feet deep.

IntelliFinishing’s solution to this challenge was to make use of our unique conveyor design that allows our product carriers to flow forwards and backwards, independent of other carriers in the system. This allowed us to “dead head” or “spur” into areas like an inspection platform and a washer to reduce space. In the curing oven we used our variable speed drives to speed up or slow down dwell times based on the part recipe. This, along with in-depth part tracking, allowed our curing oven to be much smaller in size, while allowing the wide range of flexibility required by the variety of parts being coated. Finally, since our system is truly decoupled, we could incorporate short motor breaks for inspection and masking areas without affecting the effective line speed throughout the rest of the system.

As a result of our innovative equipment and controls, IntelliFinishing was able to successfully design a system that met all of the customer’s goals while not exceeding the 4,000 square foot area of the outdated manual system. Find out how our use of shuttles and lowerators can reduce your system footprint while maintaining or exceeding your expectations for performance and flexibility!

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Why invest in a new finishing system?

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It is often hard to justify replacing what isn’t broken, or upgrading what has worked so well for decades. Why invest valuable time or money in a project?

As the new kid on the block, IntelliFinishing gets asked these questions frequently. For generations parts have been finished the same way by everyone from car manufacturers to job shops. Everyone is accustomed to consistent speed, chain driven systems that get the job done. After all, nothing has changed on traditional monument systems; they are reliable and proven.

Our response is usually to demonstrate the differences in our system from the “standard” way of life.

– We can move a carrier forward and backwards, without affecting others on the line

– Shuttles in our system can move parts sideways to avoid space eating loops

– Lifts can transport parts vertically for loading, unloading, or to move to a mezzanine level without a long incline

– Our controls can track and identify every part, on every carrier, through every part of the process to help track quality and maintain consistency

– The entire modular system can be assembled in a fraction of the time, in a smaller footprint, and can easily be added to later without disrupting production

Sometimes the light comes on quickly in our customer’s eyes, other times it takes time for the bulb to warm up and flicker on. As they realize the potential for improved quality and efficiency in a system that can grow and adapt in-line, the “ah-ha” moment is not far behind

No longer is batch processing or a single line speed necessary, as we can accelerate or decelerate individual carriers based on the recipe for the parts on the load. Also being monitored and controlled are all of the process equipment such as ovens and washers. If there is no carrier being processed by the washer, why is it on? Using the IntelliFinishing system our customers save an average of 40% on their annual utilities costs.

It may take a bit of time, but we are patient. We are ready to visit with you about your particular needs and circumstances, and how we can design a system specifically for your facility and production requirements. Think past the way it has always been done, and look forward to the way it is being done now. IntelliFinishing is changing the face of finishing systems across the world.

And we have plenty of light bulbs.

A Plan for Every Part

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A Plan for Every Part©

Ever wish you had a different finishing line for every type of part you have to paint or powder coat? Large heavy parts take more time to process than small thin ones. Some parts require additional masking and others don’t. Different chemistry is required for different types of metals… the list seems to be endless.

IntelliFinishing has presented to a variety of audiences recently and manufacturers are impressed with the “Plan for Every Part©” technology. Each item you process gets the best finish available, just like the system was built specifically for that part.

Unlike traditional finishing systems where the system is built for your longest or heaviest part, which results in over-baking of other parts; the IntelliFinishing finishing system provides capabilities that are unmatched in the finishing industry.

With conveyors that move load bars of parts at varying speeds which are based on the parts’ unique size and material, an IntelliFinishing system offers capabilities in ONE LINE that would take MULTIPLE LINES for traditional systems. Customers have been amazed at what can be accomplished with layouts that are not limited by a one-way, one-speed conveyor.

The IntelliFinishing system is not for everyone.

  • Do you finish a variety of sizes of parts?
  • Do you finish parts that are made from different materials?
  • Do your processes for finishing ever change?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you may want to see how an IntelliFinishing system is rocking the world of finishing. Contact us at

Part II: Changing the “Game”! – Improving Paint System Design

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The capabilities of the IntelliFinishing turnkey system are numerous, as are the features this system has.  Having the ability to move parts in individual areas forward and backward, as well as moving at different speeds, without affecting the rest of your line has been a key element in understanding the savings benefit of the IntelliFinishing System.  Not only does this save in floor space usage, it also saves in energy costs, and chemical and water usage.

Imagine if you could only drive your vehicle in the forward direction, at one speed which is based on the vehicle driving in front of you…this scenario limits your abilities to get where you want to go. So why have a finishing system with that same limitation? Give us a call at 888-886-6363 or email us at We’ll take the time to talk to you about your needs, answer any questions you have about the IntelliFinishing System and design a system that meets and exceeds your expectations.