31 Oct 2020


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We’re at FEMA 

IntelliFinishing would love to see you in Florida this week. Stop by our table (#305) to visit with us about your finishing needs. Our complete automated systems for liquid coating or powder coating manufacturing facilities may be exactly what you never knew you needed! This…

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The Secret Is Out 

After all this time of our customers wanting to keep the identity of their automated complete finishing systems, provided by IntelliFinishing to themselves…the secret is out! Last week in Cheney, KS at Albers Finishing & Solutions, 200+ people had the unique opportunity to view this…

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Just The Facts 

Our chainless conveyor technology maximizes efficiency and minimizes floor space. Part variety is one of the strengths of this system. The overhead design, smart controls and flexible design allow parts to move forward and reverse within the system. Line speed variablility, loadbar vs. batching and…

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Super Efficient Washers 

IntelliFinishing washers are designed for quick installation and are the most energy efficient in the industry. The modular design gives us the ability to send the washers to our customers pre-fabricated, pre-wired, pre-plumbed and ready to put in place in your facility. The control system…

Independent Zones & Carrier Controls
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Lean Series Part I: Reducing Transportation Waste in your Paint Production Process 

Automated conveyors are usually not the first thing that lean coordinators for manufacturing think of when they are developing a Lean strategy, but it can have a huge effect on Continuous Improvement. I hope the following information will encourage lean organizers in any production facility, which processes finished parts, to think about at the beginning of their lean journey.

Overhead Monorail Conveyor
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Choosing a Conveyor 

Conveyors for Finishing Systems The selection of a conveyor for your powder coating system or liquid paint system at your manufacturing plant should be based on the features and benefits of each of the conveyors, part and process requirements, as well as your business goals….