Recipe-Based Smart Controls for Your Complete Finishing System

Have you heard the saying that humans only use 10% of their brains? Similarly, traditional finishing systems do not take advantage of the power and capability that a control system offers. 

With the addition of recipe-based controls, parts are grouped by part families, with the recipe dictating the process times. Each carrier may be processed in a different way as they move through the system. In addition, a unique feature of the IntelliFinishing system is the ability to change speeds in a process, like blast, wash, or cure, allowing for extra time in a stage for extra processing

IntelliFinishing allows your complete finishing system to operate with maximum efficiency and do the following:

  1. control each component of the system independently according the the part recipe
  2. adjust component variables, like wash time, wash pressure, oven temperature, oven air turns and oven part time depending on the part recipe
  3. track and record part data for product validation and analysis
  4. run dissimilar products back to back for “Lean” product flow
  5. scale production up or down without sacrificing quality
  6. interface your finishing system to your MRP or ERP system, if desired
  7. view your entire facility, part processes and productivity through single-point visibility from any HMI station and from any computer with web access

This example is a sample of the recipe used at a powder coating system. This recipe demonstrates how the path for the carrier may include shot blast or bypass the blast. Additionally, the speed through the shot blast can be adjusted, faster for lighter parts, slower for thicker parts.Pretreatment options may include using different halo rinses, as well as, setting the pressure for a stage. Cure times are established for each recipe. The smart controls use the recipe information to determine which of the two lanes the carrier of parts will enter.

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