During the initial stages of our discussions about potential projects, we send our prospects a series of questions to help define the scope of the system we are to design and cost out. We’ve found that many prospective customers also have a set of questions they’d like to know too. In this article, we’ve taken time to answer some of those questions that come up from our perspective to give you a better understanding of what sets us apart. Hopefully, this information will help you understand our abilities and what you should consider when selecting us as your partner on your next finishing system. We’ve broken the categories into three main sections. Click below to jump to that section.

IntelliFinishing Options

How much part weight can an IntelliFinishing System handle?

IntelliFinishing has four conveyor options that are based on the weight per carrier. These include the 500, 1500, 3500, and 5000 series conveyors. The series number corresponds to the weight per trolley allowed. Since most carriers have at least two trolleys (but some systems have four or more), you can multiply the series number by the trolleys to get to the system’s approximate weight per carrier capacity. In general, we tend to use the 500 series for carriers holding up to 1,000 lbs. We use the 1500 series for carriers up to about 6,000 lbs. The 3500 series tends to be used for per carrier weights of up to 14,000 lbs. And the 5,000 series, up to 20,000 lbs and beyond.

IntelliFinishing Conveyor Sizes

How many installations of IntelliFinishing systems are there?

We have over two dozen installations since we started in 2008. Seven installations occurred in partnership with Caterpillar in our first few years, before the technology was made available to other companies. Caterpillar actually patented a number of aspects of using this technology and we, at IntelliFinishing, represent those patents on all systems installed. However, there are actually hundreds of installations of our conveyance system, the friction-tube conveyor by IntelliTrak. This conveyor was invented in Europe over 60 years ago and is solely distributed by IntelliTrak. IntelliTrak is one of our main partners/vendors for the IntelliFinishing systems. They use this conveyor for material handling projects too, so whenever someone just wants material handling, we pass that contact over to IntelliTrak.

Does your conveyor work well with Shot Blast Equipment?

Our conveyor works exceptionally well with blast systems because we can move each carrier at an ideal speed based on the hung parts. We can even go back and pass through the blast window more than once. All of this is controlled by the recipe software. Over time, we’ve also made our conveyor better when using it with a blast as we’ve changed the it to help keep abrasive blast material out of the friction tube and carrier parts to prevent premature part wear. We currently have 4 systems that use shotblast inline on their systems with more systems on the way in process of being built on the way.  

How do you motorize the turning of the friction wheels?

We use either one half hp or one horsepower motors per section of track for most of our conveyor series options. The motors turn either a set of a belts or a chain that encircles the friction tube. Our conveyor motors are off the shelf and extremely easy to swap out if ever needed. Our belts (for the 500 series) are also easy to swap out and there are 4 per motor, but you only need one to operate the conveyor. The rest are just for extra redundancy. The chains rarely need changing but are also easy to slip off and on.

How does the conveyor work with process equipment and do you manufacture your own process equipment?

IntelliFinishing partners with and uses split top washers and ovens from Midwest Finishing Systems. They also provide environmental rooms, when required. The split top ovens in particular allow the friction wheels, which are synthetic rubber, to stay out of the oven and therefore they don’t melt. In fact, the entire conveyor is kept up out of the process equipment/ This saves energy (no heating up the conveyor chain or carrier loadbars), it’s cleaner, and it eliminates contamination that is common with chain based system. An added benefit is our carriers don’t drag heat throughout the facility like most chain conveyor systems. Across the top of the oven slot through which hooks or racking typically travel, we will have an air knife system that helps to keep the heat in the oven along with doors – also that save heat. Ultimately, our designs are far more fuel efficient to operate. We often can project 30–40% in savings over conventional ovens and wash designs.


What does your system software consist of? 

We typically use several Allan Bradley PLC’s to control the conveyor and other pieces of equipment. We use an Industrial software called Ignition to provide the over-riding supervisory software that integrates each PLC. Most industrial control software price per tag, client, and connections. Ignition, in contrast, provides for unlimited tags, clients, and connections, plus it includes a designer function too. Our parent company and our software programmers are Premier level Integrators of Ignition, the highest level possible.

Ignition collects and stores system historical data too. While we do provide a base option for all systems, many additional system features can be custom quoted such as ERP integration and specialized reporting.

The software we use is custom-made for each system based on the system requirements. Generally, all IntelliFinishing Systems have a simple to use interface, a per carrier recipe approach to allow for wide variation per carrier, the ability to monitor the system from any computer on the network, and integration with each piece of process equipment. Most simple monorail finishing systems have nothing in the way of software control. Our software alone will significantly reduce system mistakes, operational time, rejects, do-overs, etc.

With IntelliFinishing, besides the system floor HMI’s, any networked computer with the proper login credentials can see the system and get various reports. Some reports can also be routinely emailed and downloaded in multiple common formats – although this is usually a custom-added feature.

Reputation and Support

What’s your service like after the sale?

Our help desk is available 24/7. Outside of routine part orders, our customers call us on average twice a month. We estimate that 85% of our service calls are resolved on a single call. However, on the rare occasion our team cannot resolve the issue, the techs who worked on your system will assist. We’ve even had some clients call our help desk just to brainstorm ideas, and we love it! We’re here to help however we can.

With the service desk, it is our goal to have a person answer any incoming calls — not a pesky automated robot. However, if our service tech happens to be on another line, an answering service will respond in person and you can leave a message. You will get a call back from the on call technician quickly.

Who owns IntelliFinishing?

IntelliFinishing is a dba of Kasa Companies. Kasa has more than 65 engineers across the U.S. Many of our engineers have a minimum of a dozen years of experience working on high-profile projects in the automotive, airport baggage handling, and finishing system industries. Our IntelliFinishing engineers, project managers, onsite coordinators, PLC and Ignition software programmers come from the ranks of Kasa.

Can we talk to customers or visit some installations?

Yes! We encourage prospects to visit one or more of our present installations. We have no dissatisfied customers! We’re happy to set up site tours to installations that may be similar to your needs or to provide contact information for any of our U.S. installations. Prospects can hear about our reputation straight from other customers. We’re creative with our solutions, put in long hours on installations, and meet our customer’s expectations for timing, performance, and professionalism.

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