MCS-thumbnailAre you new to the industrial coatings industry, or want to learn more about Lean Manufacturing and how it can be applied to your manufacturing process? Join us at the third annual Midwest Coatings Seminar on August 8th to network with other manufacturers and suppliers in the area, learn about how to implement lean, and see a live demonstration of IntelliFinishing’s new spinning tube conveyor technology.

This year’s presenters include Brad Muir and Gary Conner of Technical Change Associates who will be discussing Lean as a growth strategy. Experts in the field with over 40 years of experience, Brad and Gary will cover the tools and techniques to successfully implement lean into your manufacturing and finishing processes.

Following this interactive presentation, you will have two options.

Option 2 – Improve Production Line Gaps, presented by David Underhill of IntelliFinishing. Learn how production line gaps can be improved or eliminated with the right conveyor and controls. David has over 30 years of experience in the finishing and conveyor industry and will touch on topics of inventory problems, reduced production throughput, and other negative effects of production line gaps.

Option 1 – Improve Communication by Removing Waste presented by Dan Stutterheim, CEO of Kasa Companies: Lean.  In manufacturing, it means reducing waste, specifying value from your customer’s perspective, and allowing it to flow.  Can you apply these Lean Principles to the way your organization communicates? Absolutely. Long emails will be reduced to sentences.  You can communicate your vision, your plan, and your instructions in a way that everyone understands the message and acts upon it appropriately.  Reducing waste in communication is based upon learning the six personality types and a new concept of communicating called the Process Communication Model (PCM)®.  Applying these concepts will lead toward a trusting and efficient workplace where everybody understands the intent of your message and acts upon it appropriately.

If you are able to stick around for dinner, IntelliFinishing will host a BBQ at their main facility just a few blocks from the seminar. The informal dinner is a great opportunity to visit with other attendees or ask the presenters in depth questions relating to your specific situation.

To learn more, register for the event, or view the schedule, point your browser to