In the past ten years, there have been major changes in the finishing industry that affect process times. In addition, the demand in most industries has fluctuated significantly. Manufacturing trends, including lean methodology, have changed our traditional method of processing parts. How do you design a paint system that is flexible and will handle the uncertainty of the future?

Sign up for this free Products Finishing Webinar, presented by IntelliFinshing’s John Claman, to review the latest in overhead conveyor technology for paint systems — friction-driven conveyors.

We will review case studies of how friction-driven conveyors, teamed with smart controls, offer flexibility and expandability and have challenged traditional monument paint systems.

Registrants will learn:

  • Difference between friction-driven conveyor & traditional overhead conveyors 
  • How IntelliFinishing systems are responsive to future changes
  • Key questions to determine if a friction-driven conveyor is right for you
  • How to remove transportation waste by integrating your paint system and manufacturing processes with point of use delivery

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