Now May Be the Perfect Time to Invest in a New Finishing System

Choosing to upgrade your finishing system is always a massive undertaking – and the current period of uncertainty may make it seem even more overwhelming.

However, the current climate may be the perfect time to take the leap.

Why? Let’s dive in.

Why the Push Toward a New Normal Offers Exciting Opportunity

There are several central reasons why, even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, investing in a new finishing system may be a strategic and valuable move.

An Upcoming Spike in Demand – And Pricing

First, many companies have put off key projects in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, opting to save money and focus on core aspects of their operation until a more settled “new normal” arrives.

Spike in DemandHowever, this dip in demand has us here at IntelliFinishing, along with our system partners, raring to go.

We’re hungry to keep our staffs busy, and pricing could reflect that.

But this window won’t last for long. As the reopening picks up momentum, backlogs will start to grow once again, and pricing will level out to normal levels. As confidence in this march toward business as usual grows, those who chose to sit it out and go without key upgrades for the time being will be left facing higher prices and longer project installation turnaround times.

Get Prepared to Be Lean, Agile and Productive in the New Normal

In addition to this likely spike in demand coming down the pipe, investing in a new system now can better prepare your company to emerge into the new normal lean, agile and productive.

By closely examining and evaluating your facilities and ways to eliminate waste, you can emerge stronger than your competitors and ready to meet heightened demand.

Waste on finishing can include the outsourcing of finishing – an expensive cost that most “experts” say could be reduced by at least 30% if brought in-house. Further, with an IntelliFinishing System – due to our lower costs to operate – these savings could be over 60%.

Finishing: Outsource vs In-HouseOf course, each situation is unique and would require in-depth analysis, but why not check into bringing your outsourcing in-house? (More on this topic in the coming weeks!) You’d also likely see far less rejects and defects, a reduction in transportation costs, faster turn times, less WIP, and better finish quality.

Even if you currently have a finishing system or multiple systems, they are likely to be much more expensive to operate or fall short of optimal needs than a new system.

If you wander by your finishing system and see high levels of work in progress (inventory) stacked around the system due to the requirement to batch like items together because of the inflexible systems you own, you are wasting money and labor.

If your ovens and your chain flood your building with heat because of large part window openings and chain/carrier heat sink transfer, you are obviously wasting natural gas, as well as possibly electricity to fan or cool your facility.

If your current system can’t keep up with production or has a part window that limits your product sales, it’s time to consider something better.

Finishing System Layout BlueprintAnd, finally, if you have or are considering a system that consumes a larger facility footprint than an IntelliFinishing System can provide, you are missing an opportunity to use that space for other revenue producing activities or to have a smaller facility that costs less to build, own or lease.

Why consider a chain-based automated finishing system that is inherently dirty, contributes to finish contamination, is difficult to adapt per part or to innovation, and is wasteful of energy?

Visit an IntelliFinishing System Yourself

Finally, with many employees and leaders working remotely, it could be a prime opportunity to visit a cutting-edge, IntelliFinishing flexible automated finishing system, powder coating system or liquid coating system in your area to get an idea of exactly how investing in one could benefit your operation.

Let IntelliFinishing Be Your Guide

At IntelliFinishing, we’re committed to helping you find the best solution for your unique needs and operation – even if that means not upgrading your system at this time or recommending something more traditional if that’s the best fit.

However, if upgrading to an IntelliFinishing Automated System can bring you real value and efficiency, this could be the perfect time to get to work.

To learn more, contact IntelliFinishing today.