Part I of Solving Our Customer’s Challenges:  The Walls Are Closing In

Going beyond our technologically advanced components and space saving design, a large part of our job at IntelliFinishing is working with our customers to solve their problems and challenges. There are usually a few key hurdles that lead a customer to consider purchasing a system or renovating their existing setup. As part of a four part series, we will look at the specific challenges one of our recent customers faced, and the solutions provided by IntelliFinishing.

The first concern for our customer was how they were going to replace their existing manual paint shop with an automated, state-of-the-art IntelliFinishing system in the same space, which only measured 74 feet across and 55 feet deep.

IntelliFinishing’s solution to this challenge was to make use of our unique conveyor design that allows our product carriers to flow forwards and backwards, independent of other carriers in the system. This allowed us to “dead head” or “spur” into areas like an inspection platform and a washer to reduce space. In the curing oven we used our variable speed drives to speed up or slow down dwell times based on the part recipe. This, along with in-depth part tracking, allowed our curing oven to be much smaller in size, while allowing the wide range of flexibility required by the variety of parts being coated. Finally, since our system is truly decoupled, we could incorporate short motor breaks for inspection and masking areas without affecting the effective line speed throughout the rest of the system.

As a result of our innovative equipment and controls, IntelliFinishing was able to successfully design a system that met all of the customer’s goals while not exceeding the 4,000 square foot area of the outdated manual system. Find out how our use of shuttles and lowerators can reduce your system footprint while maintaining or exceeding your expectations for performance and flexibility!

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