“From a manpower standpoint, from a capacity standpoint,
from a quality and consistency standpoint,
I don’t think there’s anything better.”

- Bill Dunn, CEO Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

Bill Dunn is the CEO of Manufacturing Resources International, Inc. (MRI). MRI designs, engineers and fabricates BoldVu® high-performance LCD displays for outdoor environments.

MRI faced the challenge of outsourcing their powder coating which lead to excessive wait times and inconsistent finish quality. They needed a faster, more consistent way to finish parts so they turned to IntelliFinishing to design and install a high-quality automated finishing system.

Besides consistent, high-quality finishes, MRI’s IntelliFinishing powder coating system takes up roughly half the space of alternative quoted options but offers greatly increased flexibility. You don't have to take our word for it, view the video above to hear what Bill has to say about his IntelliFinishing Automated Finishing system.

You can read other customer testimonials, specifically related to IntelliFinishing maintenance, here. Spoiler alert: they're all extremely satisfied too! 

Interested in an exceedingly flexible, less costly to operate automated finishing system with proven technology? 

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Customer Testimonial Video Transcript

Bill Dunn, CEO Manufacturing Resources International, Inc.

One thing I was looking for, since we’ve never done this before and we didn’t know what we didn’t know, I wanted to contract one company to be the systems integrator – and that’s IntelliFinishing.

MRI is focused predominately on outdoor, liquid crystal displays in very demanding environments. We’re focused on the harsh environments where we’re directly out in the weather, out in the sun – could be bus shelters, amusement parks, transient venues.  

We did get competitive quotes from multiple potential suppliers. On a linear foot basis IntelliFinishing was the highest price but it also was the most compact line. It was the most flexible line. It was the highest quality line. It took the smallest footprint by as much as 50% less space 

We just went through an 83,000 sq. ft. expansion. We have added north of $10M in new capital equipment. Again, without hesitation or question, the IntelliFinishing crew, process – they were hands down the best to work with. Very efficient. Very thorough. Very easy to work with. It was amazingly smooth and painless.

All of your moving parts are well above and outside of the wash. They are well above and outside of the ovens. They don’t get hot. They don’t get dirty. We haven’t had the system that long but so far, it’s been maintenance free.

We have a lot of processes going on simultaneously – maybe in different directions, on different bars – it’s amazing just to see the whole line, how automated, systematic and seamless it works.

From a manpower standpoint, from a capacity standpoint, from a quality and consistency standpoint, I don’t think there’s anything better.
(view the overview video and case study of the powder coating system IntelliFinishing installed at MRI here)

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