Dare to Be Different

We Are Not for Everyone

Are you looking for something different to replace your traditional paint system?

Would you like to:

  • use less floor space
  • consider nearly unlimited layout options
  • decrease waste - we are a LEAN paint system
  • handle complex parts and processes
  • have expandability and flexibility for your future
  • reduce labor costs

IntelliFinishing can offer all of the above and more. That does come with a price tag generally starting around $1.7 million for a complete automated overhead paint system (part weight less than 800lbs). If we aren't the best solution for your needs, we will provide you with options that may be best for you. 

View our Complete Powder Coating System video

View our Complete Liquid Paint System video.

Why We're Different

Finishing systems haven’t changed much in the past 50 years…until now. 

Unique Conveyor Moves Forward & Reverse

Picture of chainless conveyorThe main difference is our chainless conveyor, which is better than a power and free conveyor, moves both forward and reverse. Reversing allows for the following:

  • Flexible layout designs with deadheads and spurs
  • Reduce floor space by eliminating large radial turns
  • Decrease the size of process equipment

Are You Limited By Line Speed?

On an IntelliFinishing complete paint system conveyor zones are controlled by part recipes and operate independently. Independent zones can have varying speeds. Carriers may accelerate and zip through non-value added zones, stop or move slower at any point in the system without affecting any other part of the line. Zones allow for:

  • Reduced waiting waste and operating cost
  • Improved quality with cure times that are part specific
  • Responsivness to Lean product flow
  • Increased overall throughput and efficiency

Smart Controls

If you have a variety of parts, smart controls allow you to store recipes to ensure that your parts are processed accurately and efficiently every time. Monitor and track processes and environmental conditions for improvements in quality, workflow and throughput.

Are you tired of searching for parts? We make it easy to locate your parts as they move through the system.

We also help decrease labor costs and inefficient processes by providing operators with load and work instructions.

Don't have a crystal ball?

Are you able to predict what will happen with chemicals, coating processes, part quantities and part sizes five years from now? If you answered no, then keep reading.

Bolt-together conveyor, modular ovens and washers, and varying speeds provide expandability options. We develop phased layouts so you can buy a system for today’s production, while being knowledgeable of expansion options. By doing this, some of our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars; and when they choose to expand, the downtime is minimized. In one case, it was performed over a weekend with no downtime. 

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