Complete Powder Coating System for Industrial Manufacturers

IntelliFinishing provides complete powder coating systems that are uniquely designed for your processes and requirements. Our friction-driven conveyor (alternative to power and free) and smart controls provide flexibility to manufacturers, custom coaters, and fabrication companies. The above video is an example of a powder coating system that was designed and developed to meet these key requirements:

  • Flexibility for a variety of part sizes, thicknesses and process times
  • Ability to stop for manual processes at de-watering station, masking area and application of powder coating
  • Optional path to automated in-line blast system
  • Minimize quality defects caused by operators stopping conveyor or extending manual process times

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What does your powder coating system need?

When thinking of installing a new powder coating system, either from the ground up or as an upgrade and replacement for an older system, what factors are the most important to you? At IntelliFinishing we ask in-depth questions to right-size your powder coating system to your unique needs. We understand that there is no cookie-cutter solution for parts processing.

Some things to keep in mind when comparing IntelliFinishing to other systems available:

  1. Do you need to process a wide variety of parts? This could include a range of sizes, weights, metals, colors, pretreatment options, oven timing requirments.
  2. Would the ability to modify washer pressure stages per carrier be beneficial? How about to skip some pretreatment processes entirely, to speed up some carriers and slow down others with a blast or per wash stage, or even to osculate items back and forth within a blast or per wash stage? 
  3. Would you like to add process equipment in the future with little downtime or to change your finishing recipe in response to new products, new finishes, new chemical options, or the need for increased throughput?
  4. Would you like to have lower energy and chemical bills?
  5. Would you like to move parts both forward and reverse, perhaps in and out of a booth, or by a shuttle side to side, or just to save turn radius footprint with a deadhead turn?
  6. Do you need part tracking and/or sequencing, or point of use conveyance?
  7. Do you have especially large or heavy parts and want a system that handles very long and/or very heavy parts more efficiently than heavy chain alternative systems? Would you like to save space when finishing large parts compared to traditional conveyance systems?

While IntelliFinishing can and will exceed the process and quality standards traditional systems are capable of, we can also deliver on all of the items listed above. Having the ability to truly right-size your system and process to your unique needs is a must-have in industry today.

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