Track Your Parts with Smart Controls

Track – Carrier Location

Have you ever had to locate a part that is in the finishing system? With this information you can: 

  • see what is loaded on each carrier
  • see where each carrier is in your system
  • check the status of processes

Complete overview sample screen

Track – Process Times

Are you able to ensure parts went through the finishing system in the same amount of time every time - ensuring quality? 

  • check on coating times
  • see when carriers entered and exited the system
  • did your operator hold or release the carrier within the allotted time?

 Track Parts – Process Time

Track – Using Serial Number

All of the information concerning painting a part can be kept in the system and accessed at a later date by referencing a serial number.

  • see when a carrier is unloaded using the serial number or carrier number
  • track the time through the system with the carrier number or serial number

 Track Parts – Using Serial Number

Track – Historical Productivity Data

Productivity data is turned into easy to read graphs. The data is all stored in a database so you can review your charts to recognize seasonal trends. With this information you can:

  • view the number of jobs and carriers
  • check your shift productivity
  • track unproductive times (meetings, breaks, downtime, etc.)

History of parts that were painted

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