More Versatility than Traditional Finishing Systems

Prime Powder Coating, offering custom metal coating near Memphis, Tennessee, chose IntelliFinishing to build its powder coating system in the new 45,000-square-foot facility. Custom-designed to integrate the latest in automation technology, this system is capable of handling significantly larger and heavier parts.

At the foundation of the powder coating solution stood a tailor-made, 800-foot overhead conveyor, meticulously designed to eliminate the previous capacity limits. Complementing the conveyer, the system has a five-stage wash followed by a dry off oven to ensure each product is properly pre-treated before coating. Rounding out the equipment solution, IntelliFinishing integrated a GEMA automated powder booth to facilitate color changes quickly and efficiently.

What truly differentiates this system are the intelligent controls integration, allowing unparalleled carrier recipe customization. And because this system was especially fitted for Prime Powder’s new facility, it can also be reconfigured for future growth without experiencing downtime.

The following is a testimonial from Cory McCabe, Prime Powder Coating President:

“The new IntelliFinishing system really widens our spectrum of turnaround times and capabilities of size of the parts that we can run, providing a lot of solutions we can offer our customers at Prime Powder Coating.

The reason we went with the IntelliFinishing system was due to the versatility of being able to set it up how we wanted to set it up. That's the recommendation that we would put out to anybody looking to add a finishing system in a facility for an OEM custom job shop, that is wanting to get into the coating industry, you can't get this same system, but you can get the system you want. It's based on your wants and needs.

Over a traditional system, with the IntelliFinishing system, the biggest thing, obviously, is you don't have to shut down the whole line if a part needs to come off the line or for maintenance. You get one problem with the line with the take-up on a traditional line, then you're shut down. With the IntelliFinishing system makes it more versatile where, if a carrier has an issue, you can work on it and continue running production as you were.”

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